5 Colours Of Yoga Pants In Canada That Feel As Good As They Look

5 Colours of Yoga Pants In Canada That Feel As Good As They Look

Posted by Siddhiwear on 3/1/2019
5 Colours of Yoga Pants In Canada That Feel As Good As They Look
When we designed our line of bamboo yoga clothing, we decided to look to the past to create the future. Harem pants have been around for hundreds of years, first seen in Middle Eastern fashion, where they were known as the Turkish trouser. They were then adapted in the early 1900's, most notably by French designer Paul Poiret, who wanted to reinvent and 'liberte' female fashion; an idea we can- and did- get behind with our line of harem yoga pants, Canada born and bred. 

We chose to re-adapt this ancient style for the modern yogi because of its flexibility, comfort, and update it into a casual-cool aesthetic. Here are the top five bestselling shades of our harem yoga pants, in Canada and the US: 


It's no surprise that when people shop for yoga pants online, Canada and the States both prefer classic black. This sleek noir shade is perfect to go from the yoga mat to work, to a night out without losing your comfort.


This rich, deep colour is perfect for the yogi who understand balance- the health and wellness benefits of both yoga, and a relaxing glass of merlot after practice is done.


Solid and true navy blue is one of our best selling colours across our line of bamboo yoga clothing, also available in our both our Stretch and Super toques, as well as headbands.


Mindful meditators prefer clean white, as often seen in Kundalini yoga and meditation.


A perfect mix of neutrals, those seeking yoga pants online, Canada especially, loves this combo.

So you know how good they look- now see for yourself how good they feel. Shop online, or visit one of our partner retailers to try our soft, beautiful bamboo.

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