5 Reasons To Switch To Natural Fiber Clothing

 Fabrics are part of our everyday life. From the clothes we wear to the furniture we sit on.  Many people have long embraced natural fibers like wool, cotton, and bamboo but with technological advancements, more materials such as polyester, nylon, and rayon are now taking centre stage. There is now a full range to choose from, and of course, the price is friendlier. The new fabrics have a variety of attributes, but, what do you know about all these? Have you ever thought of their impact on your health and the environment? 

The top three reasons why you should  stick to natural fabric, especially Bamboo Harem Pants:

Synthetic Fibers Aren't Good for our Bodies and the Environment

Most of the materials used for artificial fabrics undergo extensive chemical processing to realize the end product. This is especially so for sturdy materials like wood fibers called cellulose which require a lot of processing to become useful. The chemicals used such as perfluorinated chemicals are very harsh and harmful. Materials like acrylic may cause cancer with nylon's chemical finish posing great harm. For these reasons, our bamboo harem pants, Canada, have been made from natural materials. The bamboo gives them a natural luster and a beautiful drape.

Natural Fabrics are Sustainable and Renewable.

Environmental pollution and global warming is a major threat worldwide. Slowly we're working towards embracing natural clothing- especially for yogis and workout clothes in Canada. Natural fabrics like those in our bamboo harem pants are now the best option when it comes making better choices for your health and for the planet. These fabrics are obtained from bamboo which is sustainable, fast growing, and less harmful to the environment.

Natural Fabrics are Breathable

There's lots to choose nowadays when looking for  Workout Pants in Canada.  Leggings or even ordinary pants made of polyester, a synthetic fabric that does not absorb moisture will leave you wet and uncomfortable...a bad option for hot days or hot yoga.  With zero water absorption and no wicking ability, your sweat will simply accumulate and can potentially irritate the skin. Wearing natural fabrics is a more gentle option and prevents this from happening.  With high absorption and proper ventilation you can keep your body fresh and comfortable. The soft feeling of bamboo on the skin can't be beat.

Our Siddhiwear bamboo harem pants are second to none. Comfortable, without restricting movement lets you enjoy your daily activities or your tree pose with ease and style.  I'll fitting ordinary pants can impede mobility, get in the way of moving deeper into your practice. No strides are too long for our harem pants! An asset to your wardrobe for exercise or just for comfort.... The bamboo fabric, a natural, sustainable material makes them a good choice for your body and the planet!

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