5 Reasons To Try Bamboo Clothing Canada

5 Reasons To Try Bamboo Clothing Canada

Posted by Siddhiwear on 9/13/2018
5 Reasons To Try Bamboo Clothing Canada

Five Reasons to Try Bamboo Clothing Canada

Are you looking for Bamboo Clothing Canada? At Siddhiwear we have stylish and eco-friendly clothing made from our beautiful bamboo. Whether ordering our harem pants online or purchasing that white toque hat you have always wanted, know that all of our products are made locally to Toronto, Canada with love and care!

Why is bamboo so wonderful? For those who have experienced the joy of wearing bamboo clothing, they know exactly why anyone would choose this material over all the others the market has to offer. For those who have not yet tried, here are our customer's top five reasons why they have so much love for bamboo clothing, Canada.

1. Eco-friendly

In the recent past, almost everybody is talking about preserving the environment to save the planet. You should keep your conscious clear by embracing practices that will preserve the earth for your children and the coming generations. One of those ways is by choosing bamboo clothing. Scientifically speaking, bamboo has no negative impact on the environment. In fact, bamboo is

  • Biodegradable
  • Fully sustainable
  • Needs little irrigation
  • Regenerates in 55 days
  • Requires no pesticides

Therefore, when you order our harem pants online or treat yourself to our white toque hat, you'll know that you chose a company whose unparalleled commitment to the environment is from the heart.

2. Bamboo is Super Soft to the Touch

Bamboo fabric integrates high degree softness that cannot be compared to other materials. Most people tend to confuse bamboo to a cashmere blend because of its soft yet durable nature. You'll probably be surprised of how snuggly our clothing is- designed for yoga, but perfect for lounging. Scientifically speaking, bamboo fibers are rounded in shape and aren't known to irritate the skin or cause reactions in people with sensitive skin.

3. Drapes Beautifully

One of the excellent features of our bamboo is how it drapes, always beautifully without wrinkling. The soft texture and subtle shine makes it an exemplary choice for designer fashion clothing. At Siddhiwear, we have used the benefits of bamboo to our advantage with trendy designs that are turning heads. The fact that bamboo clothing resists wrinkling makes it a great choice for yoga and activewear, as well as for traveling and everyday comfort.Whether you're hopping in a plane for that great vacation you have always wanted, or off to practice on the yoga mat.

4. Machine Washable

The most popular question that many people ask before buying clothing is if the material is machine-washed. In fact, most of the people may forfeit fashion to save themselves the headache that comes with dry cleaning. If you agree, worry no more, because apart from bamboo being comfortable and beautiful, it's machine-washable. In fact, our pieces can be machine-washed without fear of wrinkling, wear, or tear.

5. Moisture Wicking

Did you know bamboo fabric absorbs more water than cotton? In fact, the material fibers allow it to draw sweat from your skin and dry quickly, making you very comfortable and eliminating the possibility of hitching. According to research, bamboo clothing helps you to keep dry and comfortable especially in hot and humid weather or during exercise.

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