5 Reasons to Try Bamboo Yoga Pants For Workouts

5 Reasons to Try Bamboo Yoga Pants For Workouts

Posted by Siddhiwear on 9/25/2018
5 Reasons to Try Bamboo Yoga Pants For Workouts

Bamboo harem pants for yoga are eco-friendly wear for life! Our harem pants are exceptionally soft on the skin and free to allow for unrestricted movement during yoga. Though these bamboo pants are designed for yoga, they can also be casually worn for fashion and for comfort- they're not just Workout Pants Canada :) 

Bamboo harem yoga pants have a perfect fit that is ideal for any workout. The pants have a wide waistband that tapers in to prevent them from falling during vigorous exercises. We designed these pants so the waist can be rolled down for comfort or fashion, making it much more versatile (they pair beautifully with a modern blazer) than most yoga pants or leggings, including organic cotton yoga pants.

The legs are also tapered, so you can move freely and not get caught in spin machines or in bicycle chains. We also designed with an extra layer on the knee to provide a small measure of comfort in yoga poses and during stretching. More than just workout pants, Canada- our harem pants are designed superbly for yoga, fitness, and fashion.

Our beautiful bamboo is machine washable and drapes beautifully without pilling or noticeable wear. It's this material that makes our harem pants so ideal for working out-  moisture-wicking properties allows the pants to draw sweat away from the body and dry quickly, all with a natural softness on touch and no odors thanks to bamboo's natural bacterial resistance.

Bamboo is friendly to the environment, and therefore, purchasing bamboo yoga pants is good for the ecosystem. Compared to man-made polyester or even organic cotton yoga pants, bamboo harem pants provide more comfort and allows for your body to breathe as you do. This breathe-ability helps your body regulate temperatures faster. Bamboo fabrics aren't irritating to the skin, because bamboo is hypoallergic. 

We offer two sizes, thanks to the forgiving stretch of our beautiful bamboo, which fits every yogi, and makes it much easier to order your yoga pants online Canada or US orders both have free shipping offers- just click the "Free Shipping" text at the top of the page for more info.

Our bamboo harem pants live a long life, as they don't stretch, tear, or wear out because of too many yoga stretches (which we doubt is even possible) yet remain lightweight. They aren't affected by repeated washing, either. The pants can easily be ironed after washing, though wrinkle free bamboo rarely requires it. 

We think yoga is best enjoyed in bamboo harem pants.  In addition to them being friendly to the environment, our harem pants have very many benefits that range from comfort, versatility, and style. We invite you to try them with 10% off your first order- use code YOGA10.

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