5 Reasons to Try Bamboo Yoga Pants For Workouts

Our Bamboo/Cotton Jersey harem pants are exceptionally soft on the skin and allow for unrestricted movement during yoga. Though designed for yoga, they can also be casually worn for fashion and for comfort.

Our pants have a comfy fit that feels great for any workout. The wide waistband tapers at the ankle to prevent them from falling during a shoulder stand or get in the way of pedalling. We've designed these pants so the waist can be rolled down and rest lower on the hips while the drop crotch can be accentuated or not.... making them more versatile (they pair beautifully with a tank top, tshirt or even a blazer) than most yoga pants or leggings.

An extra layer of fabric on the knee to provide a small measure of comfort in yoga poses and during stretching. Workout, walk, do yoga or lounge around in our pants!

Our Oeko-Tex certified bamboo is machine washable and drapes beautifully without pilling or noticeable wear. It's this material that makes our harem pants so ideal for working out- moisture-wicking properties allow the pants to draw sweat away from the body and dry quickly, all with a natural softness and no odour thanks to bamboo's natural bacterial resistance.

Bamboo is friendly to the environment, soft on your skin and feels good to wear. Compared to man-made polyester, our bamboo harem pants allow your body to breathe and help regulate temperatures faster. Bamboo fabrics aren't irritating to the skin, because bamboo is hypoallergic.


We offer two sizes, thanks to the flexible stretch of our beautiful bamboo, which fits most yogi's, and makes it easy to order online. See our size chart for help.

Canada and US orders both have free shipping offers- just click the "Free Shipping" text at the top of the page for more info.

We love our beautiful Bamboo Harem pants and pretty much live in them!! In addition to them being a good choice for the planet, they look and feel great to wear. We invite you to try them with 10% off your first order- use code YOGA10.

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