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6 Summer Style Online Harem Pants To Inspire You

Posted by Siddhiwear on 5/8/2018
6 Summer Style Online Harem Pants To Inspire You

Six Summer Style Harem Pants Online To Inspire You

Thinking about buying yoga pants online, Canada? Go with comfort: our Harem Pants are designed to move with you.

Harem pants are increasingly trendy pants that are comfortably loose around the hips, and taper in the ankle. These designs are western fashion inspired by Middle East styles. You can wear harem pants while working out, attending social functions, and with the right outfit, even worn during formal occasions. Inspired by Middle-Eastern fashion, buying our Yoga Pants Online Canadamakes them much more accessible!

Currently, these pants come in different styles and designs for both men and women. The designs offer maximum flexibility, therefore, come in handy in yoga sessions and sporting activities. The pants are made in such a way that they absorb sweat, therefore, eliminating discomfort. Why are these Workout Pants Canada so comfortable?

1. Knee Feature

This pant is an elegant design with a doubled layer on the knees, which make them fashionable and functional. This extra fabric gives your knees more cushion and relief when doing yoga or dancing that requires additional use of your knees.

2. Ample Room in the Hips

Our harem pants have an elegant design made of bamboo with a spacious cut around the hips. This design makes it easier to move however you choose to, in warrior pose, your favourite dance, or on a run.

3. Wide Waistband

The wide styling of our harem pant's waistband provide ample space and is very comfortable. You'll never have to pull them up or fix them, because the hug your hips and stay in place. Roll the waistband down to provide more support or comfort.

4. Super Soft Bamboo

Silky soft, sustainable bamboo with just a touch of spandex always stretches and flows with you- and never goes see through. This fabric has a beautiful way of draping and feels so soft against the skin. It's machine washable, never pills, and wicks away moisture.

Plus, bamboo is sustainable, requiring less irrigation and a fast growth time (just 55 days).

5. Ordering Online

Buying Harem Pants Online might seem like a doubtful thing to do- what if they don't fit? But the beautiful thing about our bamboo workout pants, Canada? They're available in two sizes and slightly stretchy to fit a wide range of body sizes and types!

You'll be surprised at how harem pants are functional, stylish, and very comfortable to wear.

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