Bamboo Clothing: A More Sustainable Fabric Alternative

Since you're taking the time to look up locally made brands of Canadian yoga clothing online, you're already ahead of the game- you're thinking local, and clearly mindful- so you probably know how important sustainability is too.

It's a well known fact that bamboo is sustainable and eco-friendly- but have you considered bamboo for your next pair of workout pants, Canada? Fitness fashion is on trend, but are usually made of synthetic fabrics, which can be harmful to the environment.

Why is synthetic fabric so bad for the environment?

Where it Comes From: synthetic petroleum-based fibers are non-renewable- each year, nearly 70 billion barrels of oil are used for polyester fabrics.

The way it's washed: synthetic fabrics, like those so often used in black yoga pants, white meditation pants, and all shades of fitness wear are made of plastic- tiny, tiny fibres of plastic. With every wash, these fibres are released into our water systems. Synthetic fabrics were found by Plymouth University to be a large contributing factor to microplastic pollution.

The way it's thrown away: though you can always donate or re-purpose old clothing, often it gets thrown away. After finding its way into landfills around the world, synthetic fabrics take more than 200 years to decompose.

Why is bamboo better?

Where it Comes From: bamboo is an evergreen perennial, meaning it grows all year round. In some parts of the world, bamboo is thought of as invasive because of the speed at which it grows. It might seem like a bad thing- but it's this fast growth and regeneration that makes bamboo so perfect as a construction and manufacturing material.

Some species are known to grow as much as 91 cm in a one day period. The average species can completely regenerate in just 55 days. What's more, bamboo requires no pesticides, and minimal irrigation to grow, making it an incredibly sustainable product throughout its lifespan.

While you're wearing it, bamboo is cozy, breathable, and unbelievably soft, making it perfect for your next toque, workout pants, or pair of white meditation pants. Washing and disposing of bamboo clothing doesn't have the same negative side effects that synthetic fabrics do.

Next time you're shopping for fitness fashion, consider making the switch to beautiful bamboo- like our Canadian yoga clothing online, or available locally in Toronto.




Abhishek Sharma

Date 9/28/2020

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