Bamboo Yoga Clothing: A Chic Solution For A Sustainable Lifestyle

Are you in the looking for the right yoga clothing, from yoga pants to hats and headbands? Your best choice is our comfy Bamboo Yoga Clothing! Made locally, they are long-lasting and well constructed for a comfortable fit. 

All of our products are made from our sustainable bamboo-  which retains its shape and lustre, all while being machine washable. Because bamboo regenerates in 55 days, rest assured in the environmental soundness. Beginner or forever yogi, you're ready with our line of bamboo yoga clothing. On our website, you can find a wide range of toques, headbands, arm sleeves, scarves, and find our Harem Pants Online Canada!

With unrestricted agility and adequate coverage, Siddhi Harem Pants are the most comfortable attire you'll ever wear while running, in a tree pose, or just walking down the street!  Our pants are perfect for a variety of adventures.   A substantial 5" Waistband means they won't fall down, or bunch up around your waist, and you can roll the soft bamboo fabric lower on your hips for a cool customized fit. Ample room in the hips means flexibility, while the tapered leg makes them bike and spin class friendly.

Our apparel can also be customized with a wide selection of screened designs,  or even with your own logo, letting you stand out from all the other studios....Our scarves are also another beautiful addition to our line.... Soft and versatile - they can be used year round for meditation, in the summer at the beach or pool as a wrap, and during winter for warmth around the neck and head.

Our Siddhiwear line is unique, elegant and natural as well as practical for however you love to move.  An original brand inspiring comfort and alignment, inside and out.

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