Beanie Hats Online - Blend of Style and Utility

If you're looking for Beanie Hats Online, you likely already have a checklist of what you want: something comfortable, practical, stylish, and environmentally friendly. Our organic bamboo beanie hats, or toques as we call them in Canada, check all of those boxes.

Whether you're looking for a black or white toque hat, and whether you're looking for something for the yoga mat or the office, our hats have you covered.

Practical and Comfortable

Bamboo is a very breathable fabric. That makes our bamboo beanie hats perfect for the yoga studio or the gym, where you don't want to be sweating even more on account of your headgear! But that doesn't mean that when you're not working out, but instead waiting for the bus in the winter air, that it won't keep you warm.

Bamboo also has natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, meaning our hats will stand up to whatever you put them through. When it comes time to give them a good cleaning, you'll be relieved to know that they're entirely machine-washable.


In both men's and women's fashion, the casual Bohemian look is in. Nothing says 'bohemian" like a good toque: it's that added touch that completes the outfit without looking like you tried too hard. Style that pops while looking natural and effortless is what you want, and our beanie hats are perfect for that.

Really, though, it doesn't matter what look you're going for. Toques are simple and unobtrusive enough to go with pretty much any outfit. This makes it perfect for those days you just don't have the time or energy to make your hair look perfect, or when nothing you do can manage to tame that bed-head. Just pop the toque on, and voila! Nobody's the wiser, and you look sharp to boot.

Environmentally Friendly

Our bamboo beanie hats are a great choice for the environmentally-conscious. Bamboo is the perfect sustainable crop, in part because it grows incredibly fast: up to 4 feet in a single day! This translates to a crop that regenerates every 55 days.

That massive growth also requires very little outside assistance. Bamboo crops don't need pesticides and they need very little irrigation. An alternative fabric crop like cotton, on the other hand, requires both pesticides and a good deal more irrigation. The environmental impact of producing bamboo clothing is therefore much less than that of cotton clothing.

Style and Utility

Anyone who tells you that clothing can either be practical and utilitarian or stylish and chic is just straight-up wrong, and our bamboo beanie hats are the proof. Whether they're destined for the office or the yoga studio -- and why not both? -- you can be sure that our toque hats provide the perfect blend of practicality, comfort, and style that you're looking for.

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