Create Your Perfect Wardrobe By Buying Harem Pants On Your Budget
Harem pants are making a comeback. No longer are they just the kitschy pants that MC Hammer wore in his iconic music video. Now, harem pants can complete any outfit and are extremely stylish and comfortable to wear. You can buy our harem pants that are made in Canada, either from our website or from one of our local retailers. 

Our soft, comfy pants come in a variety of colours like charcoal, navy, wine, black, and more. The drop crotch design takes these stylish pants from the yoga studio to the street effortlessly. Whether you are on the mat, out running errands, or anything in between, our harem pants are for you... comfortable and fashionable for everyday wear! 

 We make our classic harem pants from Oeko-Tex certified bamboo fabric, which not only feels great next to your skin but is good for the planet too! Bamboo is environmentally sustainable, making it an ideal choice for clothing. Because the bamboo fabric wicks away moisture and is naturally antibacterial, it’s a great option for workout clothing. This fabric also helps keep you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, so you can wear it in any weather. It is also hypoallergenic and a natural UV protectant. As an added bonus, bamboo fabric is super soft and great for those with sensitive skin. . All of this comes together to make bamboo fabric one of the best things to happen to workout clothing! 

 Our yoga pants are available online and in select stores in Canada. While you are looking at our fabulous yoga pants, feel free to also check out our toques, sleeves, headbands, and scarves, all made in small batches from bamboo fabric in Toronto, Canada. 

 So join the harem pant revolution today. Don’t just take our word for it. Add the Siddhi Harem Pant to your closet to complete your wardrobe and wear them while practicing yoga, or just walking down the street. You’ll understand why these pants are making a comeback in a big way!

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