From the Street to the Studio- Harem Pants In Your Yoga Classes

Bamboo clothing is the fabric of the future. Whether you're looking at scarves and toques online or visiting a studio or store carrying our beautiful bamboo our amazing Bamboo Harem Pants ,  you'll discover this incredibly soft, eco friendly, fabulous fabric is one you can feel good about- inside and out.

Bamboo and the Environment

In a world where we all have to be more aware of what we can do for the environment, bamboo clothing is a responsible and ethical choice. Did you know that bamboo plants can grow up to four feet a day? Bamboo is considered a sustainable crop and can totally regenerate itself in just 55 days. It requires very little intervention to grow, with no pesticides needed and minimal irrigation. In contrast, cotton is a crop that requires extensive irrigation as well as pesticides and fertilizers to aid in it's growth, making it a less environmentally conscious choice. Water is quickly becoming our most precious resource, and the simple act of shopping locally for our bamboo apparel in Canada seems small but can make a huge impact. What you wear can make you feel good inside and out...on and off the mat.

The Practical Fashion of Bamboo

Look and feel great in our super soft,  eco friendly, Toques, Pants, Headbands, Arm Sleeves or Scarves....with a luxurious drape of fabric that embodies the boho look we love at Siddhiwear.    Our Bamboo/Cotton Jersey is machine washable and moisture wicking with natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

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