How To Choose Stylish Beanie Logo Hats

Toques are known for helping you stay warm during the winter season and looking cool in warmer months. What was once a winter hat is now a year-round fashion staple. With so many to choose from- toques come in various sizes, styles, fabrics, designs, and colors- it can be hard to decide which Beanie Hats Online are for your business or organization. Before you default to a white toque, Canada, consider our beautiful bamboo toques to make a bigger statement with your logo:

To buy toques online that will include your customized logo, consider the big picture.

The Biggest Picture

We chose soft, environmentally friendly bamboo for our hats because we see the bigger picture. Consider bamboo to represent your company, if not for the smaller impact on the planet, then for the soft, durable fabric's beauty.

Go for the Right Colors

Neutral colors are popular among most people- most fashion enthusiasts consider brown, tan, white, grey, or black as that which to go by simply for their versatility with any wardrobe's colour palette. On the other hand, bright colors stand out in the crowd and make your logo more visible. So which one should you go with? Consider your brand here- are you more reserved, professional, and classic? Go neutral. Fun, fresh and maybe a little whimsical? Go bright. With so many colours to choose from, Siddhiwear toques offer plenty of options to match your branding.

Keep your Toque Unadorned

If you opt to buy a beanie that you would wish customized with stylish logos, avoid fussy beanies, with pompoms, beading or embroidery. Generally, go for the simplest toque such as our bamboo-knit beanies, which will give a classic, stylish, and most importantly, professional look. Toques with excess decorations tend to appear less attractive and can distract from your logo.

Matching with Your Existing Branded Materials

Before choosing a beanie hat, you should look at your existing branding and establish whether it complements your tee shirts, windbreakers, or other branded clothing your staff would wear. Therefore, try to match your existing materials with your hat for the most harmonious look.

Our toques are made from bamboo, are eco-friendly, and come in a variety of colors such as the White Toque Canada loves so much. Choose that best that suits your business or organization's needs and enlightens your (and your employee's) style. Furthermore, their unique design allows you to move freely, are fashionable, versatile and comfortable. It is for such reasons that yoga and fitness fanatics prefer them. Ordering is easier as you can now buy toques online. We offer design services to adapt your logo for screenprinting using our non-toxic, water-based inks in a variety of shades. Do not miss out, enjoy stylish beanie hat with the logo of your choice.

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