How Durable Bamboo Clothing Can Save You Money

How To Find Sustainable Bamboo Clothing in Canada

Posted by Siddhiwear on 12/8/2017
How To Find Sustainable Bamboo Clothing in Canada

With the global climate worsening by the day, more and more people in Canada are looking into environmentally friendly clothing. Siddhi wear is one brand that recognizes the importance of sourcing natural materials for use in making our apparels. We use accredited eco-friendly methods in our manufacturing processes with our go-to environmentally friendly materials being organic cotton and bamboo.

Organic cotton is not grown with the use of fertilizers or toxic pesticides making the use of organic cotton clothing in Canada better for the environment. It is also better for the consumer as it causes fewer allergies, making it ideal for your health because the production of organic cotton clothing in Canada does not involve the use of any chemicals. It also makes it cheaper for the farmer by reducing the input costs.

Bamboo is another natural material whose use in apparel making has increasingly become more popular with those who are environmentally conscious. Bamboo Clothing Canada is an excellent choice for active wear. Its softness, anti-bacterial and excellent moisture absorbing abilities, makes it the perfect pick to ensure you are kept dry, comfortable and odor-free during your workouts. We offer quality activewear made from bamboo fibre, i.e. yoga pants.

We make our beautiful bamboo yoga pants locally in small quantities. This practice ensures that we maintain the quality of our apparels to the utmost level possible with the added benefits of bamboo fabric. If you are not situated in Canada, it is still possible to access them by yoga pants online shopping. All you need to do is to access our site and place an order through Yoga Pants Online Shopping, and we will ensure that the product gets to you in the specified time.

Bamboo is a highly versatile natural resource that has been in use for many centuries in Asia for many purposes including construction, cooking, medicine etc. it is in recent times that its benefits and application to modern problems have been discovered by the western world. The reasons why we use bamboo in bamboo clothing Canada include:

  • Environmentally friendly

Bamboo is highly sustainable as it does not take long to grow and it also requires very little water to develop. Furthermore, it is naturally pest-resistant and does not require any use of chemicals.
It is better for your skin and overall health – bamboo clothing Canada is perfect for those with sensitive skin. It is also very comfortable to wear as it is anti-static.

  • Bamboo clothing is naturally soft

It has a soft and luxurious feel, drapes well, is durable and above all, less expensive.

  • Thermal regulating properties

The hollow microfibre structure of bamboo fabric makes it ideal for keeping you warm during the cold winter days. Its excellent wicking ability makes it also wearable during the hot summer days as it absorbs moisture away from the skin.

  • Anti-bacterial property

Bamboo fabric is not conducive to bacteria due to a naturally occurring anti-microbial agent. This prevents bacteria from cultivating on it, therefore keeping you odor free.

  • UV protection

Bamboo fabric blocks 97% of harmful rays from reaching your skin.

At Siddhi Wear, we are passionate about our environment, and that is why we only use sustainable, eco-friendly and biodegradable natural materials in the making of our apparels. We strive to produce the most environmentally-conscious products at the best prices while using organically grown bamboo and organic cotton in our manufacturing process. We also ensure we employ the highest standards of eco-technology in our manufacturing processes.

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