Yoga as a lifestyle also known as yogic way has in the recent past gained a lot of following. It is a tradition that usually dates back to over 5000 years ago and is becoming a popular way of life. The philosophy of yoga lies in simplicity, diversity, and flexibility of one's life. It is not a religion and can be practiced in harmony with any religion. Taking yoga off the mat and practicing it in your daily life can bring balance and clarity to every aspect of your life from relationships to parenting. If you are new to the yoga lifestyle, below are the five basic principles of yoga.

1. Exercise
Your body is the shell that represents one's self. Therefore, spiritual health starts with physical health that can only be achieved through exercise. Practicing yoga has benefits to different parts of the body. By practicing yoga, you have a heightened awareness of your body. To comfortably practice yoga, you need to wear comfortable clothing that allows flexibility on and off the mat like Organic Yoga Clothing.

2. Diet
Our bodies are what we eat. A proper diet is essential to maintain a healthy body. Part of the yoga lifestyle is incorporating a vegetarian diet.

3. Relaxation
For one to achieve inner peace, it is vital that they are relaxed. Relaxation of the boxy is usually manifested by losing all muscle tension; this extends to the mind and then positively affects one's actions. It is impossible to feel relaxed in ill-fitting uncomfortable clothes. It is advisable to wear comfortable clothing, like our harem pants available online from Canada, to remove distractions as you relax.

4. Meditation
The most important aspect of the yoga philosophy is meditation. In yoga, it is believed that everything in the physical body is controlled by one's mind. Therefore, if you are in a position to control your mind, you can control both your health and body. Through meditation, you are capable of easing the constant chatter in your mind and control it and then channel it to positive thinking. Some believe wearing a mediation that helps contain the energy you're channeling, keeping you centered. You can purchase our meditation hats online.

5. Breathing
Breathing is essential in a yoga lifestyle. By taking long and deep inhalations that begin from the lower abdomen allowing air to enter the chest cavity will increase lung capacity and also increase the amount of oxygen flowing through your body. Wearing comfortable organic yoga clothing from Harem Pants Online Canada keeps you comfortable through your breathing exercises.

By practicing a yoga lifestyle, you can reap some benefits including enhanced balance, greater endurance, increased strength and muscle tone among others. Therefore, even if you just stick to yoga for physical fitness the time spent on your mat will be worthwhile. Yoga gives you the gift of a calm mind even if the world around you is chaotic you learn to let go and be more aware of the moment you are in.

You should view yoga as a way of life. And the yoga path for different individuals is always evolving and keeps changing their relationship with themselves changes. By choosing a yoga lifestyle, you choose to commit yourself to living life to the fullest and performing each action mindfully. It also means that you become open-minded and embrace your spiritual journey.