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Siddhi Harem Pant CHAKRA CHARCOAL WITH NAVY (Extra Lightweight)

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More substantial than leggings but cooler- in every sense of the word- than sweatpants, our Siddhi Harem pants have room to move. With unrestricted agility, yet more adequate coverage than shorts, our Harem Pants can be worn comfortably while running, in a tree pose, or on the sidewalk.


  • Available in two sizes and four colour combinations.

  • Substantial 5" waistband can be rolled down for lower rise or shorter length.

  • Contrasting Knee Patch for ultimate style.

  • Slightly stretchy, but retains shape and lustre.

  • Machine washable

  • Made locally in Canada!

  • 66% Bamboo, 28% Cotton, 6% Spandex

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Bamboo is the perfect choice for our products- it’s economically and environmentally sound. It regenerates in just 55 days, requires no harmful pesticides and minimal irrigation. Plus, fabric derived from bamboo (like our super-soft rayon from bamboo) has a natural lustre and drapes beautifully. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s machine washable and always soft to the touch.

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