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Stretch Siddhi RADIANT RED

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66% Bamboo 28% Cotton 6% Spandex
Part Number: 18546STR-RADR
Availability: Limited Availability! Only S/M left.

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66% Bamboo 28% Cotton 6% Spandex
A slightly thicker version of our Simple Siddhi…. The Stretch Siddhi offers a more flexible fit with the addition of spandex. Great for cooler climates, outdoor activities and Vata constitutions (colder and dry body types) Post workout, longer hair can be left in a bun with the roominess of the 'slouch' at the back...….No hair….no problem- stay warm and stylish indoors and out- with our Stretch Siddhi.
This style is available in two sizes 21" S/M and 22" M/L. and can also be found pre screened with the following logos: Gold Tree, Gold Star, Black Star and White Namaste. Look for these in Screen Siddhi's!

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