Top 10 Siddhi Themed Toques You Can Buy Online

Toques are a cool wardrobe staple for anyone. This skater staple has been updated to classy and trendy, and we have gone a step forward to make toques that are absolutely gorgeous and come in a variety of dashing colours to choose from. Below are the top 10 of our best toques you can buy online. We also have a mini collection for your little ones. Our products are made from the finest bamboo material which makes them warm and comfortable, all locally made in Canada under the finest expertise.

Super Collection

This is our collection that is best for cold winter seasons, early mornings, cold late nights and outdoor activities like ice skiing, mountain climbing, or even late night parties. They come in a variety of fun colours to match specific occasions and to suit each of our clients' unique taste. They are also made with the best heavy duty bamboo and cotton for durability. This collection is warm, and so cool.

Super Bamboo Indigo Blue

This particular piece is rich in colour and emits a lot of bold personality, reminiscent of marine endeavors to match the ocean blue and the sky and radiant warmth and life.

Super Bamboo Chakra Charcoal

This shade is neutral and cool and it is perfect for people who want wear-ability with an entire wardrobe. It is perfect for any cold weather activity, or even a summer morning jog or a brisk fall walk outside.

Stretch Collection

Stretch Siddhi Bhakti Black

Black is famously known to be the colour in which you can never go wrong. With this you can wear it on all occasion when you want to achieve a dashing look. It is also made of our strong bamboo material, with a touch of spandex so it can stretch and it won't remain stretched when you take it off; same as all the other Stretch Siddhi's.

Stretch Siddhi Waheguru White

The Stretch Siddhi is the best toque for kundalini yoga, any workout, or for wearing in all weather conditions. The white colour is great for people of radiant personality and it can also be worn with any type of clothing.

Stretch Siddhi Neti Navy

Just like the name suggests, this rich blue hue is the perfect piece for any workout, mountain hikes, camping and adventurous trips. The colour is perfect for outdoor activity because it doesn't show dirt, and doesn't fade. Our signature bamboo is very durable and easy to clean.

Stretch Siddhi Mantra Moss

This natural greenish look is soft and warm, and so is the bamboo. Reminiscent of the outdoors and rich earth, Mantra Moss fits with any wardrobe from bow pose to the supermarket to a relaxing hike, this toque has you covered.

Mini Siddhi

Our children love style, so we've brought them Siddhi Style, too! They come in different colours that are bright, happy, and fun for your kid. This collection is a blend of bamboo, cotton and spandex for durability, and a fit that grows with them, available in two sizes. This collection can be worn in school, playgrounds and they will make your kids look cool and stay cozy wherever they go. They include:

Mini Siddhi- Radiant Red

Mini Siddhi- Indigo

Mini Siddhi-Mantra Moss

Mini Siddhi-Prased Plum

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