Try These Bamboo Harem Pants For Every Body Shape

Try These Bamboo Harem Pants For Every Body Shape

Posted by Siddhiwear on 2/20/2019
Try These Bamboo Harem Pants For Every Body Shape

We strongly believe that every body is a yoga body- but that doesn't mean that everybody is comfortable in tight yoga leggings. It's partially this belief that led us to reimagine yoga pants. Online store or in our retail locations, it's time to give your yoga body a comfort & style upgrade- no matter what shape it might be.

Our harem pants are made of our super soft bamboo, a line of eco-friendly apparel Canada is falling in love with.

The Most Common Body Shapes:

Pear: Wider hips than shoulders, fuller behind, defined natural waist.

The ample hips of our harem pants is ideal for the pear shaped yogi- you'll never feel constrained or "on display" with the soft drape of our bamboo fabric. Plus, a wide waist band tapers in to fit your curves for a flattering silhouette. Your curves will be comfortable in our spacious harem pants, in every yoga pose (or on the couch, we don't judge).

Apple: Straighter waist through to the hips, and broader shoulders.

The gentle stretch of our beautiful bamboo will be your best friend through the waist, defining your narrowest part while also staying comfortable- no angry red lines here. The more ample hips will balance out your waist, while you balance on the yoga mat- or balance coffee with fitness.

Rectangle: Straight through the waist and hips, similar width of shoulder and hip.

The wide waistband will never let you down- literally. You'll never be tugging your pants back into place, and you can roll the waistband up or down for comfort and better fit. The hips will give you a bit of curve through the hips, while highlighting your best features.

For every body shape, this fabric is soft to the touch, drapes beautifully, and has just the right amount of stretch, which combined with our harem pant- a drop crotch pant Canada is finding flexible and fashionable.

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