Bamboo Harem Pants Are a Perfect Gift Item to Any Sports Lover

What are Harem Pants?

Harem pants are long baggy trousers that are greatly inspired by Middle East style and by Salvar, which are ancient Turkish trousers. Initially, the design was referred to as Harem Skirts and was introduced to the western fashion by a liberal known as Paul Poiret. Design wise, harem pants are comfortable fit that are tapered around the ankle.

What are Your Harem Pants made of?

Our Harem Pants are made of soft, luxurious, and eco-friendly bamboo. Our unparalleled commitment to the environment and the desire to make you stand out in a crowd led us to the rare material. Bamboo has unique features such as it is biodegradable, requires no pesticides, needs little irrigation this led us to believe that it is the best product that will help us play our part in the environment. Additionally, pants made from bamboo are super soft, comfortable and stylish vs Cotton Harem Pants.

Harem Pants versus Sports.

Do you like working out, attending the gym, going for yoga classes, or engaging in sports? At Siddhiwear, we have unique Harem Pants that will keep you comfortable throughout all activities as well as revealing your unique sense of fashion.

Our pants are designed in such a way that they provide ample space around your hips for maximum flexibility. Furthermore, they are tapered at the ankle to never catch in bike chains or trip up your run. The wide, soft waist band, will help you relax without pinching, and you never have to worry that the pants will come down during that extreme stretch in your yoga class.

Over the last decade, our products demand in Canada and the US has skyrocketed vs that of cotton harem pants. According to one of our clients, Harem Pants helped to them eliminate sweat-related irritation during physical activities. Below are some exemplary features that make our products unique than other brands of cotton Harem Pants.

  • Our products are made of unique soft, luxurious and high-quality bamboo
  • Our designs are made to suit fitness activities such as yoga as well as embracing a great sense of fashion.
  • The designs are machine washable and the material never pills.
  • Harem parts integrate ample fabric in the hips to create more space for movement.
  • The legs part is tapered and caught on the ankle. Notably, the designs are not too snug so you do not have to worry about tripping or the fabric getting in the way.
  • The designs are available in two unique sizes to fit almost every body.

Harem Pants Online

Siddhiwear are now on digital platforms with the Harem Pants Online, beanie hats online and other products. We provide free shipment to our customers in Canada (orders $50+) and the US (orders $100+) and you can learn more about the process from our official web page. Our company is based in Toronto, Canada and has high experience in making fashionable wear. Additionally, our customer satisfaction is always our priority so you can drop a comment or a query on our digital platform and we guarantee you we will do everything we can to assist.

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