Bamboo Pants Canada - How to choose right workout clothes?

Workout clothes can make a huge difference in how you feel during and after your workout session. Several factors can affect how comfortable you are in your Workout Pants Canada, including the fabric they are made of as well as whether they are the perfect fit for the exercise you are doing. When your workout clothes are comfortable, chances are high that you are more likely to enjoy your workout sessions less, feel self-conscious or restricted in what you can do during exercise, or even consider quitting.

So, here is a guide to how you should choose the right workout clothes:


First and foremost, your workout clothes should be very comfortable to allow you concentrate on your exercises fully. Go for workout pants from Canada with smooth fabrics that don't chafe or irritate your skin during a workout. Some materials are very rough and very uncomfortable on the skin. Choose materials such as our bamboo pants, Canada that gives you space to move instead of hindering your agility. You should be keen to pay more attention to fitting rather than size because some workout clothes tend to be smaller, but with great fitting than your regular-size clothes.

Also, look for workout gear that has a small percentage of spandex on the label such as Bamboo Pants Canada (they only have 6% spandex). This allows the fabric to be less skin-tight and gives you the ability to move more.

Activity appropriate

Some workout gear may be appropriate for a wide range of exercise forms, but different workout exercises call for different forms of clothes. You will find that workout gear designed for specific exercises makes you enjoy more, work out longer, and even exercise harder when you use them. For example, cycling with cycling shorts which are padded will make the exercise more fun and allow you to go longer than with bare pants.

Also, attending yoga with running tights can be quite uncomfortable because they are designed for running and not yoga. Yoga tights are made with ample space around the hips to allow for more room to move while running tights are tight around the hips and waist to make running smooth. The two have clear differences that make each cloth perfect for its intended activity.

Wicking ability

If you engage in workout exercises that lead you to sweat a lot, you need workout gear that can keep you dry and comfortable throughout the exercise. Wicking is the ability of a material to take the sweat away from your body and get it to the surface of the cloth ready for evaporation. A material with good wicking ability allows easy evaporation and keeps your skin dry. Cotton is poor wicking material as it absorbs sweat, making workout clothes wet, heavy and sticky.

However, natural and breathable fabrics such as bamboo that make bamboo pants Canada are great in wicking sweat moisture away.

Outdoor workout

If you workout outdoors most of the time, particularly in the cold winter months, you will need to wear the right type and amount of workout gear to keep yourself warm. The clothes will also need to be layerable, meaning that you can easily remove the ones on top when your body starts warming up during exercise. Make sure that your base layer (the clothes in contact with your body) have a good wicking ability and fit well), and wear loose fitting clothes on top. Plus, don't forget some gloves, socks, a hat (such as our white toque hat), and any other additional gear to keep you warm outdoors.

With these tips, you can be guaranteed to select the right type of workout garment for your exercises.



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