Beanie Hats Online - Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy

Beanie Hats Online - Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy

Beanie Hats or Toques as we call them in Canada, are one of the most popular and versatile items in our beautiful Bamboo line up. All our designs at Siddhiwear are made from stylish, luxurious and soft bamboo. There are so many advantages to using this material in our clothing most notably, the reduced environmental impact on the planet...Our Bamboo is biodegradable, requires no pesticides and happens to be machine washable.  

Our Toques help keep you warm in outdoor cold weather, and cool in the summer. At Siddhiwear, we love fashion and function, so we make them in small batches with our high quality Oeko-Tex certified a ton of shades to sport with any outfit....letting you stand out from the crowd of wool, acrylic or knit hats that are the norm.   Perfect for a variety of physical activities,  Yoga being just one of them.  Look for our  Beanie Hats Online on our website, and choose a style and colour that's unique to you.  Make it your own with one of our hand screen-printed designs using water based Eco-Friendly dye....another way to look good and care for our planet.   Available in 3 different styles....with numerous possibilities for screens and customized designs!

Stretch Siddhi

Our most popular and versatile toque.  With a touch of spandex, this lightweight stretchy hat, has a flexible fit and is the perfect weight for any season.   Can be worn loose and slouchy, tucked like a turban, or rolled up for a more 'fisherman' style.   Wear under a Bike or Snowboard helmet, stay warm while jogging and yet light enough to wear indoors too...Our Stretch Siddhi looks and feels so great, you won't want to take it off!   This design comes in two sizes,  21" S/M and 22" M/L.  

Super Siddhi Cotton
 Experimenting with fabric in our early days...this design made of 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex was truly a heavy duty masterpiece.... Super thick, making it ideal for cold weather and extreme outdoor activities, yet stretchy enough to fit extra large noggins and even dreadlocks.....This heavy-duty cotton blend will make sure that your head stays warm in chilly and snowy winters.  Only two colours are currently available as we have redesigned this hat moving towards an all Bamboo line up....with our newer, more eco friendly option- The Super Siddhi Bamboo.

Mini Siddhi

Bring comfort, fashion, and warmth to your loved little one with this mini version of our Stretch Siddhi. These hats are customized for smaller heads, made of our super soft Bamboo/Cotton Jersey and is gentle and durable for sensitive scalps and rough and tumble kids!  Available in a variety of peppy colours to match your child's unique personality, our mini's are suitable for children between the ages of 6 months to 6 year's old.  (16" S/M and 18" M/L) 

Also available,  Screen Mini Siddhi!  Add a screen for a look as individual and awesome as they are!!

About Siddhiwear

We are a Toronto-based company that specializes in Bamboo Clothing in Canada.   We offer  Free Shipping throughout Canada on orders over $50 and to the USA on orders over $100!

Beanie Hats Online - Siddhiwear

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