Up-level Your Wardrobe (and Hugs) with the Siddhi Sleeve!

We do a lot with our arms. We hug, we hold, we help, we heal. We carry, we reach, we stretch. We move through the world and use our arms, our hands, our fingers to touch, to work, to play, to express ourselves and to create. And although we love to ‘wax poetic’, we’re actually pretty down to earth here at Siddhiwear. We like things to work well and at the same time be simple and straightforward. That’s one of the many things we love about our breathable, bamboo arm sleeves. The ease and practicality of layering at a moments notice! Especially in the cooler months, when moving from frigid outdoor temps to indoor heated homes and studios can be uncomfortable. The ability to turn a t-shirt into a long sleeve and vice versa with such ease, really appealed to us when we designed our super comfortable yoga sleeves. Especially for those of us with a pitta constitutions or for people who overheat very easily. Not having to slip on a winter coat over bare arms after a yoga practice was a dream. These stylish and chic, lightweight sleeves provide the perfect cover up when you’re in a tank or t, and want to add a little extra warmth and flare moving out into your day. 

We took the fingerless glove to the next level, using our premium Oeko-Tex Certified fabric in our signature bamboo/cotton/spandex blend. Soft and gentle on sensitive skin, moisture wicking, thermal regulating, stretchy and cozy and definitely unique in style. No longer the short, itchy lace gloves that we saw back in the 80’s, made popular by Madonna and Cyndi Lauper. The Siddhi Arm sleeve combines the fun and flexibility of a fingerless glove and extends from the knuckles all the way up the arm to your biceps, letting you add a layer for warmth or simply to add a pop of colour for interest and added dimension. 

There’s actually a fascinating history to glove wearing…..particularly for the women of the Victorian era. “In the Victorian era, gloves were deeply connected to the notion of the ‘perfect hand’. They were therefore seen as social markers. Accordingly, ladies wore gloves which were too small on them in order to shrink their hands. Their goal was to avoid the thickness and coarseness of working-class women’s hands. Gloves were also used to take care of hands, so at night women slept with old gloves filled with various skin-improving recipes found in magazines. Gloves could also be part of a game, as covering hands and forearms with gloves was the equivalent of covering one's face with a mask. Victorian ladies could use fashion accessories to play a role and as such, gloves were used as a disguise, for the creation of a character. Glove etiquette was closely associated with social class, as it applied only to women who could afford to follow the glove conventions. For example, it was required for a lady to change her pair of gloves several times a day, which lower class women obviously could not afford to do. Moreover, the visible darnings on the gloves of working-class women were only reminders of their inability to keep up with the conventions, as a proper lady would buy a new pair of gloves instead of mending damaged ones. Gloves were carefully cleaned and kept in ornate glove boxes but also perfumed in order to mask any unpleasant odours.” (victorianweb.org). Styles changed with the times and moved from wrist length to mid length and then longer up the arm for evening wear. Often adorned with buttons and ties and other embellishments, fabrics varied from lace, leather and silk to eventually cotton for more casual wear. And it’s so interesting that both men and women were subject to the many rules of social etiquette and behaviour that was directly tied to morality. Most of which now seem incredibly ridiculous in our modern world. How fortunate we are to live in a society free from such rigidity, silly rules and regulations! To wear what we choose, to communicate freely, and to express ourselves creatively with styles that show the world who we are and how we feel. That said, Siddhi style has always been an artful aesthetic of original, creative self expression. So it goes without saying how much we love the look and feel of our sleek, stylish arm sleeves, that feature a covered palm with exposed fingers to allow for freedom of movement. (Plus what a bonus to be able to use all of our touch screens, tablets and phones without the inconvenience of having to de-glove!!) 

In addition to being practical, our comfortable arm sleeves are small enough to fold up and carry on the go, with a big impact to your warmth. Like all of our premium bamboo apparel, this beautiful fabric offers cooling capabilities in warm weather and has a warming effect in cool weather making our handy yoga sleeves (pun intended!) perfect for any season, day or night. Plus, easily transition to brighter days with the bonus of natural sun protection cutting out 97.5% of harmful UV rays, both sweat absorbing and breathable for supreme comfort. Complete with thumb holes and the perfect length to tuck under a t-shirt, enjoy the versatility to push them up or down for different looks, or even rolled for different lengths.

Warm up your favourite tees with the coolest ‘gloves’ around. Siddhi Sleeves add texture and style to any outfit. Always made locally in small batches, sustainable, stylish and available in 5 fabulous solid colours, plus our latest and greatest, sky dye colour way, to mix and match with all of your wardrobe. Stay warm, stay cool and let Siddhiwear Enlighten Your Style!!

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