Create A Striking Street Style Quotient With Beanie Hats

Casual athletic leisure wear isn't limited to yoga pants and running shoes anymore. Fashionistas are putting together on-trend looks with beanie hats complementing a wide variety of clothing. When you're looking to buy toques online, consider our sustainable bamboo apparel and let your yoga and sense of style flow!

When the chill factor hits in Canada, a beanie- or Toque as we call them- is a surefire way to stay warm and cool at the same time. Some of the best winter accessories you can buy are our beanie hats online.  Pair a Toque with your favourite jeans for a casual style– add a tailored blazer or one of our cool scarves to elevate your look.  

The material can make all the difference between a casual beanie hat and one that accents a more dressy attire. Soft bamboo is an excellent choice to complement a warm winter sweater or even pair with a long skirt and strappy sandals for summer (good-bye sunburned scalp!). Striped sweaters look especially nice with our toques –small stripes paired with a large-striped hat really makes a bold statement on a dreary winter day.

The original style pairing of a beanie is sporty and fun but today's street style plays up on this look which works great with a pair of distressed jeans and a logo'd sweater. For a more feminine, festive feel, use of spangled yarn in the sweater weave gives sparkle to a monochromatic gray or white look – you will definitely be that special snowflake this winter.

Beanies are classic 90's staples– try a layered, grunge-inspired look topped with our chunkier Super Siddhi toque to channel your inner riot grrl. Thicker and warmer, it adds textural interest and updates the look. Layered ripped jeans, a vintage band tee, and Chuck Taylors have you all set.

When you're shopping for Beanie Hats  or Toques online, your first stop should be Siddhiwear. Check out our versatile, stylish, eco friendly line of yoga-inspired apparel made in small batches, locally right here in T.O.




Date 11/15/2018

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