Drop Crotch Pants That Add Style To Your Look
Historically or on the runway and in fashion magazines, Harem Pants have somehow always seemed new and surprising- though, with the current migration toward more unisex looks, they're once again back as a boho basic.

The fashion industry loves harem pants for their style, but what's never mentioned is the total comfort and function of this timeless apparel. Our Siddhi Harem pants are designed to add style and function, both on and off the yoga mat.

Think about it- how many times a day do you adjust your pants? Pulling them up, shifting and tweaking them….the simple pleasure of pulling a tight waistband away for just a moment. That's the beauty of our beautiful bamboo drop crotch pants, made locally in small batches in Canada- those annoyances are gone.

We've designed our super soft bamboo Harem pants with a wide waistband so it's always comfortable, never confining. Sitting lightly on the hips without being too tight, keeping them in place however you choose to move. The drop crotch is perfect for a deep stretch or a warm summer day, keeping you cooler with the moisture-wicking quality of the bamboo fabric. 

We encourage you to try our pants for yourself and see how style and function combine in luxuriously soft bamboo fabric. When looking for your yoga pants while online shopping, start with Siddhi!

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