Harem Pants.  Classic AND Trendy.
When you think of harem pants, you might think of Arabian Nights, or the famous old school MC Hammer look. But the truth is Harem pants have come a long way. In fact, harem pants have become a classic wardrobe staple and just might continue to be one of the latest style trends for 2020. 

Our harem pants are not the oversized, baggy shapeless pants of the past. Our harem pants are made with Oeko Tex Certified bamboo fabric…. silky soft and environmentally friendly. Naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, our bamboo fabric is also a natural UV protectant. This breathable fabric keeps you warmer in cool weather and cooler in warm weather, making it perfect for wearing all year round.

These harem pants are extremely comfortable, soft, and stretchy. The wide waistband and drop crotch style means that our pants move with you. The tapered ankle means when you’re upside down your pants stay where they are, no loose material to get in your way. Travel friendly and fashionable enough to take you from the yoga studio to the street with minimal effort.

You can buy our harem pants from one of our local retailers or online with free shipping throughout Canada and the U.S. Our pants also come in a variety of colours so there are plenty of options to suit your mood and wardrobe. Comfortable and stylish, whether you’re working out, running errands, grabbing coffee with your friends, or anything else you have to do. These incredible pants will take you from one to the other without a hitch, adding comfort and flexibility to it all.

Find out for yourself why harem pants are a style that continues to be popular year after year and maybe, just maybe MC Hammer was onto something!

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