Our Top Tips for a Great Yoga Practice
If you are looking to get started with yoga, or even if you have been a practitioner for years, we have some yoga tips that might help you get the most out of your yoga practice. You can always start something new, or up the level of practice you already have. 

 • Wear loose fitting clothes - You should look for clothes that fit loosely so that you have room to move and are comfortable but not too bulky or bunch up so that it becomes annoying. We offer a range of bamboo yoga clothing that might just accomplish that! Our popular yoga pants are made in Canada, as are our toques, sleeves, headbands, and more. Bamboo clothing is incredibly soft and comfortable, moisture wicking and easy on sensitive skin. Our yoga pants are available online or at one of our local Canadian retailers. 

 • Drink water - Water is so important in whatever physical activity you decide to do. You’ve heard about the health benefits of water before, but hydration is key especially during a Vinyasa, or hot yoga class. Water keeps you feeling good inside and out. 

 • Breathe deeply - Your yoga instructor has probably said it on multiple occasions, but we are going to say it again. Throughout your yoga practice, make sure that you are breathing. Stay in tune with your body and notice if your breath becomes short and fast, or even if you’re holding it while holding a pose. Your breath can make or break your practice so keep breathing! 

 • Pay attention to your body - Not every body can do every yoga pose. Make sure you are listening to YOUR body and know when you need to bow out of a pose. Taking care of yourself is more important than nailing that posture! 

 • Stay quiet - It can be extremely distracting if people are talking in the middle of a yoga class. Take cues from your teacher as to when if any are appropriate moments for chatter. Catch up with your friends after class, and let people enjoy the quiet of their yoga practice. Yoga can help you focus inward, be calm and centred, and that can be difficult to do when there’s noise pulling you out. 

 • Do not be afraid to take up space - Some people feel awkward taking up the space they need to achieve what they are trying to do. Do not be afraid to take up space. You have just as much right to be there as everyone else does. 

 • Allow others their own space - In the same vein, let other people take up space as well. Sometimes it can get crowded in a popular class, so move your mat if you have to but make room for everyone. Bags, sweaters and loose items should be out of the way so everyone can enjoy the class. They have just as much right to be there as you do. 

 • Be courteous - It may seem obvious and encompasses a lot of what we have already covered. But make sure you are being courteous to your fellow yoga practitioners. Treat them kindly and you can expect the same from them. 

 • Move With Awareness - Often people don’t think of this, but yoga can be tough on the body. If you are not moving carefully, staying present in your body, aware of sensations you might feel, you could hurt yourself. Do not move too quickly and try to push yourself too hard. By all means, challenge yourself, but not to the point of injury.

 • Be kind to yourself - Above all, be kind to yourself. You are already doing great by taking care of yourself through practicing yoga. So don’t be too hard on yourself if you are struggling with some aspect of your practice. Do what you can and appreciate your body’s efforts. It is a gift to be alive and privilege to have a body! 

We hope that this helps to elevate your yoga practice. And if you need help outfitting yourself for your practice, we have you covered with harem pants, headbands, toques, sleeves, and more.

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