Siddhiwear apparel is a small family (brother and sister) business just 6 years old. Inspired by her travels throughout Scandinavia and Europe and seeing these cool, slouchy, lightweight toques so many people were sporting,  Stacey searched high and low to find a similar one for herself in her own city, but to no avail. It seemed that unless you were a baby or toddler, soft, easy to wear, lightweight hats for sensitive skin were nowhere to be found.  Finding only wool, heavy, synthetic or acrylic hats everywhere, she decided to make her own. With her brother Adam’s help, Siddhiwear was born. Stacey took on the design and creative parts of the business while Adam managed all the tech aspects….web and computer administration. It takes two….to start!!!

Our first task was to find the best fabric to work with. Knowing we wanted a sustainable, eco friendly product in the end, we researched all of our options including Hemp, Cotton and of course Bamboo. We loved the look and feel of Bamboo fibre fabric but learned that not all bamboo is good bamboo. We found a Canadian company that sold super high quality fabrics with Oeko-Tex certification, which meant we could feel good about what we were making, for the planet and people wearing our clothes. Starting out super small, we initially had a good friend sewing our hats out of her home while Stacey sought out eco friendly inks and learned how to silk screen. We began to grow and our friend sewing out of her home was no longer feasible. We researched some more and were thrilled to find a female owned, small local manufacturing team that eventually took over our production. Staying local, making our hats in small batches, using recycled packaging and continuing to work to grow and stay true to our vision was key.


Our very first product was our signature Stretch Siddhi Toque, (also referred to as a Beanie by many) is still to this day the most popular and versatile of our toques. Comfy, lightweight and soft as silk, this amazing hat can be styled many ways. Wear it slouchy, roll it up, tuck it like a turban….wear it inside, wear it outside, even wear it under your bicycle or motorcycle helmet too!!

Soon after, we added a thicker, warmer version of our popular hat and called it the Super Siddhi. Great for cooler days, lower temps and outdoor adventures. We loved this fabric so much, we knew we had to expand our line to cover more of the body. Stacey, being an avid yogini wanted to wear clothes in her every day life and be able to walk right into a yoga studio and take a class. Not a fan of the tight fitting polyester leggings so commonly worn in studios, she designed what would become our next customer favourite, the Siddhi Harem pant, loved by yogis and non yogis alike. This super stylish, super comfortable lightweight pant that moves and breathes with you is not only a great choice for yoga, hiking, walking and biking (no loose fabric to catch on the chain!) but also just for chilling and lounging around the house too.

Then came our 5 colour patched Siddhi Scarf, to add another cool layer to stay cozy in savasana, or just add a little boost of style and spirit to any outfit. With multiple ways to wear and two seasonal colour palettes available, our scarf is another fun wardrobe staple! Of course, you can buy from our website, one of our partnered retailers or our wholesale scarves in bulk right here in Canada and the US too.

Our latest adventure in sustainable stylish fashion led us to create the Siddhi Cardi…..a Kimono inspired everyday essential layering piece that goes with anything and everything. Featuring wide sleeves and open front that's cut to drape beautifully. This piece elevates any outfit and can take you effortlessly from day to night outings.

Between silk screening one of a kind toques, and now experimenting with our brand new Siddhi Sky Dye line, we are always re-inventing and creating new and exciting treats for your wardrobe. It’s easy to stay fresh because we are passionate about what we do, in addition to the fact that we LIVE IN, and LOVE our apparel too!

We offer our Wholesale bamboo accessories at super reasonable low rates, like our functional and fashionable Siddhi Headbands and Masks, as well as our new Siddhi Sleeves. An amazing way to warm up your favourite tee’s, by instantly transforming them into a long sleeve shirt! Now available in 6 different colours and perfect for comfort or warmth , complete with thumb holes for a look that’s original and practical.

We’ve also recently added our Siddhi Collectible jewelry line. Mindfully thought out and delicately designed, Siddhi Collectibles are inspired by common themes in yoga, meditation, and spirituality. Each includes a size adjustable chain, 18 k gold coating over durable stainless steel. Just another fun way to express and adorn yourself on or off the mat!

So if you have a store or online business and want to carry our unique premium bamboo apparel, it’s super easy and affordable. Just sign up for a wholesale account and you’re on your way. Whether it’s our awesome Harem pants, Sleeves, Collectibles or Wholesale Scarves and Beanies or Toques you’re interested in, we’ve got small minimums and lots of options and flexibility for all your business needs!

We’re sure we’ll keep on moving forward and growing. Staying true to our vision, staying aligned, creative and lighthearted…learning as we go. We hope you’ll join us on this journey at some point too. (Hopefully in person again…..we’ve missed so many this past year at trade shows and events!!) Your individual orders, your requests for new designs or just letting us be a part of your lives by partnering with us as a wholesale retailer……we always appreciate your business, your friendship and continued inspiration on this wild adventure we call life. We look forward to continue to create and grow with you!!

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