Siddhiwear Bamboo Scarf - Your New Best Friend!
“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now”
Chinese Proverb 

What’s not to love about a versatile wardrobe accessory that adds a little ‘extra’ to any outfit. Practical yet purposeful for any season and every setting. With two colour way options, and featuring 5 panels of cool bamboo patchwork, the Siddhi scarf is a simple wardrobe essential to compliment any outfit, day or night. Made locally in small batches, like all of our premium Oeko-tex Certified bamboo from rayon apparel, the Siddhi scarf can be worn numerous ways for a variety of looks that are easy and comfortable for both men and women and everyone in between. 

Beyond looking cute and stylish, wearing a scarf is not only fashion forward but it’s also smart and healthy! We love TCM around here (Traditional Chinese Medicine) not only for the incredible benefits of acupuncture but for the brilliance it offers in it’s ancient wisdom and teachings. Like Yoga, and it’s sister science, Ayurveda, these ancient modalities remind us of the many healthy lifestyle options that are available to us each and every day. Small adjustments that can have a big impact on our health and well being. One of which being the surprisingly simple choice to wear a scarf!!! Yup, that’s right. A scarf!! Here’s the lowdown from Watertown Acupuncture on why it’s a good idea! 

“In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is very important to cover your neck when the temperature is cold and the weather is windy. What’s wrong with a little wind you say? Wind is said to be one of the six evils, or external pathogens in Chinese medicine (the other five being: Cold, Damp, Heat, Summer Heat, and Dryness). The back of the neck is particularly vulnerable to Wind, and when your pores are open Wind can enter into your body where it doesn’t belong, and Wind generally brings its friends, usually Heat or Cold. A Wind-Heat and Wind-Cold invasion is the equivalent of catching a cold! Ever notice how when you first start to ‘catch a cold’, you have a stiff neck followed by aches, chills/fever, and fatigue. The stiff neck is the first sign of a Wind invasion. Yet one stylish thing to do in the fall and winter to protect your neck and health from Wind, is simply to wear a scarf. So keep your neck covered, avoid that dreaded Wind invasion, and have a healthier winter!” 

That said, we’re fans of scarves worn all year long. When it’s hot outside and you move into an air conditioned space, your scarf keeps you warm enough while absorbing any sweat from the heat. In addition to covering sensitive skin on bright and sunny days, keep that UV at bay with your light weight, breathable and easy to wear bamboo scarf. Alternatively, when it’s cold out and you’ve had it with acrylic, itchy knits or wool that’s hard to wash, your Siddhiwear bamboo scarf is there too. With all the benefits this amazing fabric has to offer, including it’s moisture wicking and thermal regulating capabilities, it’s hard not to fall in love with all of our apparel. From its early origin as Bamboo Grass (which is one of the fastest growing plants in the world) this sustainable resource requires little irrigation, regenerates in 55 days, is soft as silk and has a ton of uses. Clothing made from bamboo offers numerous advantages over other fabrics on the market!

Here are our top style tips and tricks to wear this smart and stylish addition to any outfit. 

THE EURO: Double your Siddhi Bamboo Scarf, and drape the doubled scarf over your neck. Insert the two ends through the loop! Who says we can’t be as stylish as our European friends?! 

THE ROUND THE WORLD: Loosely tie the ends of your bamboo scarf and put it on as if it were a jacket. This modern cool look adds dimension and interest to a tank top or dress. 
THAT’S A WRAP: Drape your Siddhi Scarf over your shoulders and under your arms. Refined yet bohemian, our favourite!! 

THE FULL MONTY: Drape your Siddhi Bamboo Scarf around your neck, tuck one end around the opposite hip, then criss cross the other end. This could be a shirt in itself. Perfect for beach, meditation and mediation on the beach! 
THE COLD SHOULDER: Drape your Siddhi Scarf loosely around your neck, lay one end under the scarf on the opposite shoulder. Repeat with the other end and fine tune…..or as we like to say zhuzh!! Our soft cuddly take on the cape. 

THE INFINITY: Stay warm and cool in every season. Loosely tie the ends of your Bamboo Scarf and drape around your neck, twist the loop and drape again. The versatility of an infinity scarf without the commitment!! 
THE LOOP: This easy look is a classic. Timeless and casual are always in style. Drape your Siddhi Bamboo Scarf around your neck and adjust for maximum coolness. 

These are just a few ideas to make the most of this simple statement piece. Our premium Oeko-tex certified bamboo from rayon is an amazing fabric which is why we love it for all our apparel. Ideal to tie, wrap or even swaddle with this scarf. With it’s soft as silk , easy drape and light stretch, the Siddhi Scarf is a chic companion to elevate any outfit. 

Our beautiful bamboo scarves are the perfect length to wear around the head and neck, yet generously large enough to be a light layer post exercise or for meditation. Wrap yourself in comfort and enjoy the endless styling options available in our Spring and Fall colour ways. 

Good for your wardrobe, smart for your health and even better for the planet, The Siddhiwear Bamboo scarf is a ‘goes with anything’ wardrobe essential. Ultra soft, colourful and cozy, check out our original, unique, premium bamboo apparel including tips on ways to wear. Stay warm and cool all season long, and let Siddhiwear Enlighten Your Style!

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