Top 5 Eco Friendly Hats Online For Sensitive Skin
If you are looking for the ideal hat to wear for your yoga practice, look no further than our versatile Siddhi Stretch hats.

Available in a variety of colours, from solid simple white, plum, olive or red, to our stylish selection of striped hats. Our beanie hats are sold online, as well as from select retailers. And, as with all of our apparel, these toques are made in small batches in Canada.

Covering the head during yoga practice is unique to Kundalini yoga. It is believed that covering the head allows for harnessing energy, clearing the mind, and increasing focus. If this sounds like something that would compliment your yoga practice, we’ve got you covered. Literally.

Our toques also come in different styles. Thin and lightweight Stretch Siddhi for tons of versatility indoors and out, or thicker, heavy duty options in Bamboo as well as our Super Cotton toque. In addition to the colourful palette to choose from, we offer the option to add a silkscreen, with water based ink and made by hand, it’s very easy to get a hat that is personal and unique to you!

Our beanie hats are made with Oeko-Tek Certified bamboo. Bamboo is environmentally sustainable and extremely comfortable. It helps stay you cooler in warm weather and warmer in cool weather, which means you can wear our toques any time of the year.

Bamboo fabric is also a natural UV protectant, and is antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Our beautiful hats are great for people with sensitive skin as the fabric is similar to silk in texture. This is why our toques can even be worn by people who are experiencing allergies, hair loss due to chemotherapy treatment or just plain sensitive.

We’ve even been told our hats make a great sleep aid! Our toques are available in different sizes and work for people of all ages. They’re also not exclusive to yoga practice and go easily from the yoga mat to the street. Our hats complement any outfit, are super soft and comfortable and eco-friendly. Check us out and let Siddhiwear enlighten your style!!

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