Why Choose Bamboo?

If cute pandas at the zoo cuddling and gnawing on long green stalks come to mind when you think about bamboo, there’s a lot more to learn about this incredible plant! From bed sheets and pillows, socks and apparel, and even kitchenware and cutlery, Bamboo is a relatively new, eco friendly, versatile material that’s becoming more and more popular, and for good reason.

Bamboo trees are evergreen perennial flowering plants that are actually not really trees at all, but part of the grass family and are some of the fastest growing plants in the world. This sustainable resource requires little irrigation, regenerates in 55 days, is soft as silk and has a ton of uses. Clothing made from bamboo offers numerous advantages over other fabrics on the market. Primarily celebrated for its eco friendly qualities, bamboo is more absorbent than cotton clothing, wicking moisture away from the skin faster and keeping you dry and comfortable. In addition to contributing to environmental pollution through the heavy use of pesticides and insecticides, conventional cotton is also harmful to both the growers and consumers using chemicals that seep into the earth and contaminate precious water supplies. It’s important to note that not all Bamboo fabric is created equally either. Lower grade clothing made from bamboo can also have similar negative impacts on the environment when poorly processed with chemicals. At Siddhiwear, we use only Premium quality Oeko-Tex certified fabric for all of our apparel. What does that mean exactly? This certification provides worldwide, consistent, independent testing for harmful substances during all stages of production- raw materials, intermediate and end product too. This includes testing for illegal substances, legally regulated substance, known harmful chemicals, and other parameters for health care. It provides manufacturers with a uniform benchmark when evaluating harmful substances potentially used in the production process. Extensive product checks and regular company audits also ensure that the industry has a globally sustainable awareness of the responsible use of chemicals. (Oeko-Tex.com). We’re proud to carry women and men’s bamboo clothing with this level of certification, including manufacturing our apparel in small batches and locally. Our Bamboo Cotton Spandex blend is the perfect fabric for our stretchy, soft, crazy comfy toques (or beanies), our laid back drop crotch harem pants and the rest of our beautiful apparel that’s good for you and the planet.

Fabrics that harm workers, either with toxic chemicals or a toxic work environment including “the well documented ongoing use of child and forced labour in cotton cultivation today, with children as young as five working in cotton fields” (CommonObjective.co) clearly calls for higher standards in the businesses we run and as consumers, who we support with our dollars in what we choose to buy. Like they say, “you vote with your wallet”.

Fast fashion, trends that come and go and the need for quick, fast and cheap everything in our society contributes to the harmful environmental and social impact this has on our fellow humans and earth we share.

Unlike clothing made from Bamboo, cotton requires an immense amount of water to grow and harvest. “Irresponsible farming has led to over one third of the world’s land now being completely unusable- what was once fertile farmland is now desolate wasteland. The Aral Sea is an example this. Where there was once a vast water reserve, the cotton farms that surrounded it, used up all of this precious resource, leaving behind a toxic, barren wasteland, that affected thousands of local inhabitants. Furthermore, the pesticide and chemical residues that were left behind were so deadly, that many locals who were exposed to them contracted tuberculosis and cancer”. (thesustainablefashioncollective.com).

This is not okay. We need to do better.

The numerous benefits of quality clothing made from bamboo are extraordinary. The fabric’s ability to wick away moisture with its thermal regulating properties keeps you cooler in warm weather and warmer in cool weather makes it perfect for year round wear, in every season. Its natural antimicrobial nature and uv protectant qualities are another asset that makes this a versatile choice for both men and women and children alike, especially those with skin sensitivities.

Bamboo plants are fully sustainable, require no pesticides, and even self regenerate from their own roots so they don’t even need to be replanted.

When we started Siddhiwear, we had many decisions to make. Where would we manufacturer our apparel, which fabric we should use, even what kind of packaging would we send to our customers……and each step of the way we tried to make the best choices for us, our families and the planet. Choices that were sustainable, environmentally sound and ones we could feel good about. We’re a small company, a brother and sister to be exact, both with families and young children in tow. Choosing to make apparel from premium high quality bamboo was a no brainer. With its natural lustre, beautiful drape, soft to touch and wear, in addition to being machine washable, designing women and men’s bamboo clothing that we also live in and wear daily is a pleasure. Clothes that breathe, clothes that wick away moisture, clothes that we can move in freely and easily, clothes that are stylish and versatile and literally take us from the street to the studio effortlessly.

Bamboo still might bring those cute pandas to mind, and yet there’s a whole lot more to discover with this incredible eco friendly fabric. Experience the comfort and quality of Siddhiwear’s premium line of Bamboo apparel. Our Toques or Beanies, Our popular harem pants, cool arm sleeves, versatile head/face bands are just some of the amazing products we design and make right here….. where we live, in Toronto, Canada. No matter where life takes you, if you bike, run, climb, walk or just chill on your couch…..Let Siddhiwear Enlighten Your Style!

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