When given the option to choose a natural, chemical free, eco friendly, low impact product over a potentially harmful, chemical laden, high footprint one…..we will always make the better choice. At Siddhiwear, when we were just starting our journey of looking for the best fabric to make our original signature Stretch Siddhi Toque, we had a lot of important decisions to make. There were, of course, cheaper options. Off shore mass production with lower quality fabrics were on the table and as we assessed the kind of business we wanted, the vision became clearer and clearer.  Local, small batches, small footprint and high quality easily became our priority. It meant a little more effort and a little more research and expense on our part but worth it all the way. Knowing we have a premium product with little to no impact on our precious planet means we can be proud of what we’re offering. It’s undeniable the numerous benefits of bamboo fibre clothing, from it’s antimicrobial qualities, it’s natural ability to regulate temperature and even having some level of natural UV protection too not to mention having a luxurious feel soft as silk.

In contrast, clothing made from synthetic fabrics especially for active wear is far from a good idea. For the planet and the people wearing them. In addition to the energy and pollutants on the production side, often synthetic clothing can contain toxic chemicals that you don’t want anywhere near your skin! Formaldehyde and brominated flame-retardants are just some of the toxins found in clothing that can accumulate in the body and also leach into water ways causing further damage to the planet. Chemicals are also used to make some apparel wrinkle free and many are even known to cause cancer!! Even the ever popular polyester fibre so commonly used in clothing can trap heat, contribute to itching, irritated red skin and rashes. Polyester is strongly linked to hormonal disruption and potentially the formation of breast cancer cells. Some even say long term wear contributes to respiratory illnesses and reduced fertility!


Other synthetics like nylon create nitrous oxide during the manufacturing process. This greenhouse gas is far more potent that carbon dioxide! And what’s even more shocking is that synthetic fabrics can continue to emit small amounts of VOC’s (the volatile organic compounds found in paints) for years to come! Energy hungry and full of nasty chemicals, synthetic fabrics do more harm to people and the planet than we think. And there lies the key!!  Thinking. Thinking about what we put on our bodies, what we put in our soil, air and waterways. It’s possible to make choices that benefit all. Choosing bamboo fibre clothing is just one small way you can contribute to yours and the planets wellbeing. The list of bamboo fabric properties is long and extensive and at Siddhiwear, we’re proud to use the highest quality available. Our Oeko-Tek certified bamboo ensures that we’re abiding by Ahimsa in our own small way.  Literally meaning ‘non injury’ or ‘non harming’ or causing harm to other living things, we consider the earth to be part of this and want to treat our home with as much respect as we can. We are all connected….to the earth and to each other.

Making better choices each and every day may seem small and inconsequential but every single one counts. A simple choice to choose activewear or any ‘wear’ made with natural bamboo fibre instead of something synthetic that can cause harm to yourself or your environment is small but over time adds up to have a big impact. We often take the time and care to think about what we put IN our bodies, and many are starting to question what we put ON our bodies and making connections to their health and wellness. As our skin is our largest organ, the importance of reducing chemicals that are absorbed or block the ability to sweat and release toxins, is imperative. Clothes that are worn next to the skin should breathe, and allow the skin to breathe too especially when intended for working out or moving and sweating. Siddhiwear premium bamboo fibre clothing is made to move with you, breathe with you, wick away your sweat, keeping you cool in warm weather and warm in cool weather. Some little know bamboo fibre facts include the incredible ability to being naturally resistant to harmful UV rays, as well as being naturally hypoallergenic, odour resistant, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. This amazing fabric absorbs more moisture than cotton and is eco friendly, chemical free and biodegradable!! Wow. It’s a no brainer that it’s our first and only choice for making all of our Siddhiwear apparel. The incredible bamboo plant is one of the fastest growing on the planet, regenerates quickly, requires no pesticides and needs little irrigation. Using this versatile, extraordinary, soft as silk bamboo fibre fabric to make our our signature premium Toques, Harem pants and Cardi’s, it’s no wonder why our customers say things like “softest hat I own”, “most comfortable pants ever” and our favourite “I wear them to sleep too!”  Why not?!

Comfort and style can go hand in hand without compromising ethics. It may be cheaper up front to buy clothing made from synthetic fabrics often referred to as Fast Fashion, but the potential dangers to our planet and your health are certainly not a risk worth taking. We couldn’t agree more with the brilliant American writer and philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson when he said “The First Wealth Is Health”. As consumers we vote with our dollars and in addition to supporting companies that align with our values and beliefs, we can also advocate for ourselves and the earth we inhabit and share. Wearing clothes that promote well being, that make you feel good, last long, keep you healthy, let you move and breathe and even sweat….well, why wouldn’t you? Siddhiwear premium Bamboo fabric apparel made in small batches, made locally and with your health and wealth in mind.

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