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It goes without saying that our inside worlds are far more important than anything outside of ourselves. And that a true inner glow can only come from peace and tranquillity within. 

 And yet from the beginning of time, human beings have adorned themselves- as part of ritual, religious, cultural or social gatherings. Stringing together pieces of shells and rocks, gems and metals, our earliest ancestors, from hunter gatherers and tribes to ancient Egypt and beyond…..Human’s have made and worn jewelry. 

Often worn for protection and safety, to ward off evil and illness, or simply to show status and rank. Today, many of us are so fortunate to live in an abundant society where most of our basic needs are met, and we have the privilege and freedom of self expression. Our bodies have become our own canvas in a way. Tattoos, piercings, body art, freedom to dress anyway we choose as a method of enhancing our appearance or to express our own individuality and style has become a luxury and pastime. For many of us, our families and lineages are tied to ancient symbols that may have played an important role in everyday life, from the superstitious to the sacred, each unique in meaning and relevance. Siddhiwear yoga jewelry has been inspired by many of these ancient symbols for their beauty and relevance- to us on a personal level and of course, some just for their beauty in design. Just like the apparel we make, wear and live in- jewelry style can be practical, ethical and comfortable too. 

There’s certainly no shortage of yoga jewelry brands in Canada to choose from yet just like our unique clothes, Siddhiwear’s yoga jewelry line is original and interesting and absolutely affordable! Mindfully thought out and delicately designed, Siddhi Collectibles are inspired by common themes in yoga, meditation, and spirituality. Each of our necklaces features a size adjustable chain, always the perfect length for your favourite top or to keep out of the way in your favourite yoga position. With sustainable packaging and 18k gold coating over durable stainless steel, Siddhiwear yoga jewelry is a sweet treat to gift a friend (or yourself) this holiday season. With 7 sleek designs to choose from, there’s something for everyone. For those who prefer simple minimalism, a solid look in our silver or gold Hatha chain might be just right….or our Surya Siddhi chain for a clean and classy look. Our best seller, the Lotus Drop chain features 3 colours of metal- gold, silver and rose, the lotus symbolising transformation, from it’s muddy beginnings to the purity and enlightenment of our true nature’s essence. All that in one necklace!! Yoga jewelry can also be worn in so many ways. Alone as a single stand out or sentimental piece or multiple necklaces layered in different lengths. Malas and yoga bead bracelets are always a fun way to add some sizzle to a neutral outfit too. The origins of all of our Yoga jewelry symbols are close to our hearts which is why we chose them in the first place. Some of our favourites have multiple symbolism and meaning in various cultures. For ex. The Shield of David or Star of David has carried the dual significance of representing both the state of Israel, and Jewish identity in general, with a historical meaning of protection against evil. But this symbol was also used earlier in India for thousands of years, in Hinduism, in Buddhism and in Christian churches alike. Also known (although slightly different in design) as The Seal of Solomon in Arabic literature among Muslims. And with so many interesting and varied expressions, this one little symbol says so much. Representing the planets, the elements, male and female energy, consciousness to heaven, back to earth…..Wow. How cool is that?! 

The Tree of Life is another beautiful symbol appearing in mythology and widespread in cultures throughout time. Also referred to as The tree of knowledge, connecting to heaven and the underworld, and the tree of life, connecting all forms of creation, are both forms of the world tree or cosmic tree. “Peoples as diverse as the Vikings, ancient Egyptians, Celts, Native Americans, Jewish mystics, and others, all told stories of a Tree of Life. Essentially, the Tree of Life helped to explain the divine plan of how people got here and how they should conduct themselves on Earth”. ( 

These are just a few of examples of the beautifully designed, original yet ancient symbols used in our yoga jewelry collection. For the tailored minimalist or the lover of all things bling, worn alone, or layer upon layer, wearing jewelry or any other form of self adornment is just one way we get to play in this arena called life. 

Whether the symbolism or history is significant to you, whether part of your self expression includes yoga jewelry or bead bracelets or tattoos or any other kind of outward representation of who you are inside, Our Siddhi Collectible yoga jewelry line is a good place to start. Because really, none of it has any meaning, and nothing is special unless we make it so. A rock is just a rock until it’s gifted from a loved one, in a special place at a special time. It’s not the ‘thing’ of course but it’s the value we give to it.

Check out for a little look at our inspired collection and make a statement with what’s important to you!

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