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Bamboo Pants Canada

Tired of wearing mass produced, overly priced, brand name logos to Yoga...Stacey wanted to create a line of eco friendly, locally made,  comfortable clothes she could wear from the street right into a studio.....Starting with a cool, lightweight toque, and expanding our apparel to include our super popular Siddhi Harem pants, Head/Neck Bands, Arm Sleeves and Scarves....With her brother Adam's help, Siddhiwear was born!

We choose to work with Bamboo for a variety of reasons.  It is super soft next to the skin,  an ideal material for both winter and summer seasons,  has moisture wicking properties and requires no pesticides to grow!!   

With so many different colours, ample room through the hips and a wide waistband that can be worn different ways..... our Bamboo Harem Pants made in Canada are an asset to any yoga practice, or just for your wardrobe.    These comfy, cool pants give you room to move, run, or assume any pose comfortably.  Tapered at the ankle, no worries about loose material getting in the way, plus our pants are also machine washable!

Yoga Pants Online Canada

Yoga is an ancient science that has been practiced for over 5000 years.  Thanks to its numerous health benefits such as strength and injury rehabilitation, it is no longer simply considered exercise but a lifestyle that has been embraced by so many.  Whether you've got a more vigorous Asana (the poses) practice, or prefer a more gentle Restorative or Yin path...Our Siddhi Harem pants are comfortable, practical and feel and look great.  

If you're looking for a comfortable pant to wear walking your dog or in Downward Dog....look no further. From the comfort of your couch, order online and choose your favourite Bamboo Toque, Harem Pant or Headband from Siddhiwear!

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