Your Holiday Gift Guide

Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.


It, hard to believe fall is here, with leaves just barely hanging on, Halloween has already come and gone (sort of) and the Winter Holiday, are really just around the corner. It, still the strangest of days.....with so rnany continuous unknowns in the world. How long will the Coronavirus be the focus of the news, the uncertain econornic and political climate, the unusual and disruptive work and school environments with so rnany of us working and studying from home. Many of us now without work. Wow. It sure is a lot to rnanage. It's a hard time to be a Human Being. We've got no choice but to go with the flow. That is, if we want to be happy and balanced. Just as the season chang. from it's brighter days, faster pace and outward activity, we too must follow its lead and rnove towards a more internal, introspective, slower speed as we find new ways to stay healthy and strong during the. challenging times. More important than ever, we need to get outside whatever the weather, take deep, deep breaths and remember, that we are still here. Our new normal may never feel normal to us and yet how can we still realize our own personal sense of wellbeing? We've already been forced to slow down, do things differently, change up our routines and for those of us, particularly in the noffhern hemisphere, as we lose pr.ious daylight, we rnust k.p our own inner spark alive and bright. It might s.m impossible with everything happening around us, much of it out of our control. In Canada, and in many places around the world, we currently have strict .fety protocols still in place. Social distancing, hand w.hing, and masks being mandatory are e.ential in flattening the curve of this pandernic. If we can take care of ourselves and our loved ones, physically and emotionally, and take care of the planet at the .me just might be a win win. Using a reusable, washable, eco friendly mask is one way to tackle this. The planet is already becorning littered with single use latex gloves, and masks....on top of the pre-pandemic garbage load our precious eaffh was already contending with. The approaching holiday season is an opportunity- albeit different this year- to give a gift that satisfi. many checks off the list, Safe- ch.k. Eco friendly- check. Affordable-check. Thoughtful-check.

The Siddhi bamboo fa. mask is hand made with premium Oeko-tex certified bamboo fabric. This beautiful material is soft as silk, breathable, washable and perfect for the 'hard to buy for' friend or family member. Versatile in how it can be worn, tied around the back or looped around the ears depending on personal preferen.. Sadly, masks are here to stay, in the future at least and we rnight as well be comfortable while staying .fe. In addition to saving the rnedical rnasks for the medics, locally made in srnall batch., our Canadian face masks are a saving grace for quick trips to the store for e.entials and when 6 ft apart isn't an option. The filter pocket adds another level of protection for those wanting rnore than two layers of fabric.

It, b.n .id our masks "f.I barely there", light as air" and .1 forgot I was wearing it". We love getting feedback like that, about our masks and all of our Barnboo apparel.
Most of our masks have two colour options as well, with contrasting front and back hues or patterns and so it's almost like having two rnasks in one, The bigg.t challenge with our masks (in addition to having the difficult task of narrowing down which colour or pattern you'd like) is can your srnile get big enough so your comfort and ease are felt with your eyes!, To us, wearing a Siddhi bamboo face mask .ys "I care enough about my neighbour, friend, community and planet to protect us all".

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