1. Super Siddhi NETI NAVY

Super Siddhi NETI NAVY

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A superhero amongst mortals, the Super is the thickest, heaviest of our toques and is ideal for cold weather and outdoor conditions. Double layered, heavy duty bamboo blend keeps you toasty warm when skiing, sledding,and camping- or in a warrior pose in a drafty studio.


  • One size fits all- tighter fit keeps you warmer.

  • Reversible label makes it easy to style your own way.

  • Thicker fabric retains its shape.

  • Made locally in Canada!

  • 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex

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Bamboo is the perfect choice for our products- it’s economically and environmentally sound. It regenerates in just 55 days, requires no harmful pesticides and minimal irrigation. Plus, fabric derived from bamboo (like our super-soft rayon from bamboo) has a natural lustre and drapes beautifully. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s machine washable and always soft to the touch. Investing in bamboo is more than investing in a quality piece of clothing- it’s good for the planet too.

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