Being a Tricky Santa - Super Men's Toque Hat Sizing For Gift Giving

Thinking buying yourself or your loved one a Super Siddhi as a surprise? Measuring for hats without giving away your game is easy! Ensuring the correct sizing when purchasing your Men's Toque Hat, and meditation hats online will help ensure a proper fit every time. But first, let's consider which hat to buy for yourself or loved one.

A true standout among regular caps is the Super Siddhi women's or men's toque hat, our thickest, heaviest toque. Available in both cotton and bamboo fabric, our toques are is ideal for cold weather and outdoor conditions. Double layered, heavy duty bamboo or cotton blends will keep you warm when spending time outdoors or indoors.

Dressing for fashion may not be your top priority when it's freezing cold outside. Canada is known for its cold winters, but you do not have to sacrifice fashion for warmth any longer! With a variety of styles and colors to choose from, the women's or men's toque hat, in all-natural and eco-friendly bamboo, will keep you or your loved one warm and cozy! it is among the hottest fashion trends of winter. This time-tested classic hat – the toque hat, a thick, soft, warm and cozy hat will keep you warm and cozy while looking superb!

Siddhiwear offers an extensive and varied selection of fashionable Hats For Cancer Patients, yogis, dancers, active men, and women, in an assortment of styles and colors that are sure to please. The use of bamboo and other all-natural materials, make the hats extremely soft and soothing, providing both personal comfort and peace of mind. Hats for cancer patients are crafted using only the highest quality materials, ethical standards, and attention to detail.

When shopping for meditation hats online, it is important to know what materials your hat is made of. Consideration should be taken to ensure that your hat is both aesthetic and eco-friendly. Feel good about your choices, while being fashionable. Bringing fashion together with freedom of movement, all while reflecting your best self.

The Super Siddhi offers the versatility to be stylish and functional and you will love it both on and off the mat. Try pairing your Super with a stylish pair of matching Harem pants, for the perfect connection of mind, body, and comfort that supports total movability.

If you are not sure what size to get, consider the following: If you have a large head or lots of hair, you may want to go with the Medium/Large size. If you have a smaller head or no hair, you will probably want to consider going with the Small/Medium Size.

If you want a more accurate measurement, use a tape measure and place it above your ears. You can find the circumference of your head by placing a tape measure just above your ear. You can then use the sizing guide to find your exact size.

When shopping for men's toque hats, hats for cancer patients, or meditation hats online, come to Siddhiwear first. Our commitment to the mind-body-earth connection shows through in our signature line of sustainable bamboo clothing designed to meet your specific and unique style needs.

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