Best Clothing for Meditation and More!

There's a lot to be said for having a meditation practice. In fact study after study shows the numerous benefits of meditating on a daily basis. Science is now backing up this ancient practice that has a long tradition in Hinduism and dates back 5000 years. Simply put, Meditation is the process of training your mind to focus, by watching as thoughts arise and continuously bringing your awareness back to the present moment. From guided meditation to counting your breath or repeating a mantra, there are as many versions of meditation as there are meditators!! And with so many resources available online, getting started is just a breath (or click) away. A consistent practice can help you increase self-awareness, reduce stress, build your resilience and patience, reduce anxiety, inflammation in the body and much much more. One of the keys to maintaining a regular daily routine is to find a method that works for you. We've got some helpful tips if you're just starting out or need to kick start your practice again. You'll find once you make meditating part of your life, you'll be surprised how soon you'll experience the benefits and how you're not quite 'right' without it. Some basics: Keeping a regular schedule for your meditation practice, often first thing is the am is a great way to start the day, before the chaos of our to do lists, emails, phone calls and daily distractions begin. Start small. We can sometimes set lofty goals with our self care and bite off more than we can chew. Be realistic about where you are and what you can handle early on. Can't manage 30 minutes? Try 20? Too long? Try 15....even 5 minutes a day can have huge benefits. In fact, stopping in the middle of whatever you're doing, wherever you are and taking even 1 solid breath that you're present for is a start. It’s best to sit in a quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed and wear comfortable clothing that won’t distract you in any way or restrict your breathing. Pants with too tight a waist band, made of synthetic or suffocating material can keep you uncomfortable and fidgety and that's where we come in!

Our soft, loose, and super-comfy Oeko-Tex certified bamboo clothing is perfect for meditation or yoga. Whether it’s a pair of our lightweight, breathable harem pants, a comfortable toque or headband to keep your hair in check, a scarf to stay covered and cozy or even a face mask so you can practice with others, we’ve got you covered. All of our products are made in small batches, locally in Canada, and are an ideal choice for meditation, movement or just chilling on your couch.

There are many reasons that asana practice (the physical postures of yoga) go hand in hand with a meditation practice. Originally Yoga was intended to relax the body enough so one could sit still (without pain and soreness) and witness the mind's activity in the first place. Many of us sit at desks hunched over staring at a computer screen all day and we have lost the flexibility and juicy-ness we all once had as children. It's never too late to start a they say “You get old when you stop growing”. In addition to the many health benefits of yoga and meditation on a physical level, changes can be felt and experienced out in the 'real' world in your day to day. Calmer, more patient, less anxious and more resilient to the hustle and bustle of our generally fast paced lives are just a few of the by products of taking the time for self care in this way.

If you haven’t tried bamboo clothing yet, you’re missing out. Bamboo fabric has so many benefits, beyond simple comfort. As one of the most environmentally sustainable ways to make fabric, bamboo apparel is becoming more popular for a reason. Consider that Bamboo trees regenerate in 55 days, require no pesticides and need little irrigation as well as being biodegradable! The fabric is as soft as silk, has a beautiful drape and lustre and is naturally hypoallergenic and anti-microbial which makes it a perfect choice for anyone with skin sensitivities, allergies or those experiencing medical hair loss. And if you happen to be out and about, bamboo fabric is also a natural UV protectant! In addition to being breathable, moisture wicking and quick drying, it’s also thermal regulating, keeping you warmer in cooler weather and cooler in warmer weather. Bamboo clothing isn’t just for yoga and meditation, it’s also stylish and versatile, dress it up or down…..anywhere, any season.

Why Oeko-Tex certified bamboo? Because not all bamboo is created equal. At Siddhiwear, we want to feel good about our choices which include what we eat, what we think, what we put on our skin and what we wear. Our fabric has been tested and certified to be free from harmful levels of more than 100 substances known to be harmful to human health.

Our yoga and meditation apparel is available online or at one of our local retailers, making it easy to purchase even if you’re social distancing. We offer Free shipping for all orders over $50 in Canada and in the U.S. If you’re just starting a regular meditation practice, our comfortable clothing might be the game changer you’re looking for. These are uncertain and stressful times, and having a regular practice is a valuable tool that benefits you and those around you!! Make your SELF a priority. Take deep breaths, Drink lots of water, Slow down and Notice the 'Noticer'. You can look forward to being less reactive, calm and more relaxed in general. Seeing the world with new eyes as you reinvent yourself every morning with a regular meditation practice can make the world more manageable in so many ways. Our bamboo clothing is just another way to stay comfortable and keep your practice ongoing and sustainable. Whether you meditate, practice yoga, or just lounge around……..Let Siddhiwear enlighten your style!

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